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To remind myself of what I accomplished during my graduate diploma in communication studies and to prototype this website, I made this portfolio encapsulating all the work produced during my year-long program. It also doubled as a project made for an Intermedia class where I had to design a book for both print and Pdf. I already had established my branding on my resume, it was just a question of adapting it to new avenues.


To align everything, I used a combination of grids and the golden ratio as it created my favourite layouts in the tutorials I watched.

The circles on the covers are a reiteration of the slashes I use as separators. They also remind me of lenses and movement. I used pink because I fell in love other projects that were using the colour. The different background colours help separate the sections, but also are a reminder of the default workspace in the different software I use depending on the medium. Since my primary discipline is cinema, I used a horizontal format.

I sewed the booklet with Coptic stitch to allow the pages to lay flat and to make my work more visible. For the virtual version, I was inspired by my favourite digital publication, LaPresse+, to make all the spreads fit on one screen.